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por | noviembre 1, 2022

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It has not caught us by surprise, in fact, we already anticipated it a little more than a month ago. And on the other hand, the leaks about Moments 1 and Moments 2, together with the version already available to install since the end of last month, put us on the track that, perhaps or, to be more exact, very probably, Windows 11 22H2 would not be the panacea we have been waiting for months. Fears that finally, at the beginning of the deployment of this update, we can confirm that they were well-founded.

Personally, I have always preferred to be given the bad news first, and then the good news, because at least this way I am left with a better taste in my mouth. So, I will adopt the same philosophy when reviewing this Windows 11 update: I will start with what we expected but that finally has been left in the pipeline, and then continue with the new features that, as I have already mentioned above, are not bad either.

Drag and drop to the taskbar: undoubtedly a minor function of the operating system, present in Windows 10 and that, by surprise, disappeared in the jump to Windows 11, and that not a few users of this operating system expect from day one. Others, and this is the group in which I include myself, are waiting for its arrival to make the leap to Windows 11. This has been, for many, the main surprise, in the negative section, of the update.

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Windows 10

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SSL/TLS binding protocol error may occurWe have received reports that some types of SSL and TLS connections may have binding protocol errors. OS build 22621.674 KB5018427202222-10-11Resolved KB5018496202222-10-25 14:00 PT

Possible problems caused by daylight saving time change in JordanThe Jordanian government announced a change to daylight saving time (DST) for the winter of 2022.N/A Resolved KB501849696202222-10-25 14:00 PT

Some installed printers may only allow default settings.Some printers may not have all of their features available, such as color, two-sided printing, or higher resolutions.N/A Mitigated2022-10-21 18:22 PT

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Windows 11 22H2 is the first big update that Microsoft sends, whose launch has already taken place and it is already arriving to all the computers with this version of the operating system of those of Redmond, for many the best Windows (or one of the best) to date.

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Several of these improvements focus on new functions that Microsoft announced a few months ago, such as the renewal of certain applications and the update of various parts of the operating system interface.

The steps that we must follow are the following:Once we do this we simply must follow the steps that the screen will indicate us so that finally the new version of Windows 11 is installed.All the files, configurations and applications that we have in the computer will be conserved, since Windows will not be restored. Tool of creation of meansFor these situations what we are going to do is to create a bootable device USB, since the tool of creation of means properly it no longer works.We must make the following steps:File ISOT We can also use an ISO image to obtain that the new version of Windows 11 is in the computer.

Installing windows (bootcamp)

The first step is, as expected, to find out if our computer meets all the requirements to use Windows 11. To do this you can use the application designed by Microsoft or options like WhyNotWin11. If our equipment is compatible, we can continue with the necessary steps.

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Checked the requirements now it touches to join the program Windows Insider, something that we can do inside the section “Configuration” and entering in “Update and security” to then enter in the subsection “Program Windows Insider”. At that point we click on “Start”.

We will see a window with information about some aspects of the Insider Program in which we must click on “Continue”. It will be there where we will have to restart the computer to start downloading the latest Build available within the channel we have chosen.